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This for sale by owner web site offers the homeseller and homebuyer listings nation wide.

Many for sale by owner web sites charge a lot of money for things that you really don't need to sell your home. Not so on this site. It is full of helpful information and tips on how to sell your home without the help of an agent. Take some time and read the information we have provided for you.

What you do need is a good long term plan. Your plan should consist of advertising costs and types. You also need to know where to get professional assistance that will increase your chances of being successful.

You can list your home, For Sale By Owner, on this web site at no charge. That includes 4 photos. Select the List Home tab above to list your home.

Remember, the key to sucess when using any for sale by owner web site is to put the URL to your listing in all of your advertising. That includes your flyers, newspaper ads, and yard sign.

This fsbo site will also teach you about all the services you will need in your selling transaction: appraisals, home inspections, title insurance, closing companies, real estate attorney, mortgage brokers, and agents.

For Sale By Owner Tips

Before you list your home For Sale By Owner it is a good idea to find a Mortgage Broker with a program that will prequalify your potential buyers. If you can find a broker who offers good fixed mortgage rates, that will help sell your your home.

The broker will also help you understand different financing options and what the costs will be to you, the seller. A mortgage broker working directly with mortgage lenders can save you frustration down the road. Advertising the type of financing available will speed the sale of your home.

Spend some time reading mortgage underwriting guidelines. That web site will help you understand mortgage underwriting guidelines BEFORE you apply for a loan anywhere and it will help you understand any issues your buyer may have before you get into a contract.

Another information site you might want to look at is FHA underwriting guidelines because many buyers in todays market are opting for FHA mortgages. This might cost you some extra money in closing costs. That site should answer any questions you may have.

If your buyer is a Veteran and wants to use a VA loan to purchase your home review VA-Guidelines to understand what that means to you. VA Appraisals and inspections are a lot tougher than conventional appraisals.

The type of mortgage you advertise in your Home Flyer could be a great advantage to you. I just found a mortgage on the market that is government guaranteed and offers 100% LTV, or No down Payment. This is not FHA. However, it does allow for 6% seller concessions and LTV is based on Appraised Value, Not purchase prise. Hey, that is a big deal. The following web site will explain all the benefits. For Sale By Owner Advantage

For Sale By Owner Questions

If you have any specific questions be sure to contact us. We are not an agent or working for a mortgage company although we do have many years of experience in both. Our input is totally unbiased and you don't have to worry about a sales pitch! We really do support anyone who is willing to learn how to sell their home For Sale By Owner.

Put Your Company in our "Find Professionals" Data Base.

If you are a professional in the Real Estate or mortgage Industry we invite you to place your company in our Find Professionals Data Base. The consumers that visit this web site are looking for information before they jump into the market. They are also looking for knowledgable, up to date, local professionals to do business with. Add Your Company Information here There is no charge for this service.

If you do not have a For Sale By Owner Program to help homesellers in your area, we provide one on this web site. You may download the pdf file to preview the program. You would be amazed at the number of homebuyers you will meet at the same time you are aiding the FSBO. It's a Win/Win. Click on the FSBO Manual in the menu to the left.

WE wish you the best of luck. You CAN do it yourself!

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